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B830 – EBI – Update

February 6, 2011

Having received back my  first TMA, I was pleasantly surprised with the mark, as it was a tough one. I kept bouncing off the wordcount simply as I was proposing 3 EBIs, relevant to 2 organisations.

One of these was my workplace and the other was a Not-for-profit Religious Organisation of which I am a board member. Having decided on following the EBI for this NFP, I proposed to the rest of the board that I proceed with working with them to develop a communications strategy at which they jumped and said ‘yes’. However this got a little bit interesting when I suggested that I needed a Business Strategy on which to build.

Not having such a strategy meant that today was the first of series of sessions on building a strategy for the next 3 years and then continue meting to keep the strategy definition on a rolling basis: firstly to check progress and secondly (probably more importantly) to look at the next stage of strategy development. While we covered several areas around Policy, staffing, the buildings (partly as construction of the premises is complete).

Add to this the high level of nervousness I felt facilitating a session with people who are CEOs, Directors and Senior management in their own respective organisations who have a wealth of experience around doing this themselves…


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