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More burning flags?

January 25, 2008

Dutch Member of Parliament (MP) Geert Wilders, leader of the right-wing Freedom Party, is scheduled to release a film that is critical of the Quran in the coming weeks.The film was expected to be released on 25 January, but Wilders announced on 18 January that he required at least two weeks to complete the film, suggesting a release date of 31 January or later. He is in discussions with Dutch television channels NOVA, EenVandaag, Netwerk and Het Gesprek over rights to broadcast the film.

Wilders has indicated that the film intends to portray the alleged fascism of the Quran.

I guess we should expect massive overreaction from my brethren, and of course forgetting that there have been and will be many criticisms of faith, regardless of what flavour it is.

People will believe what they want to believe. Right or wrong is a matter of opinion. But a simple principle taught to most of us as kids was that if someone bullies you, you should just ignore it and walk away. And bullies come from all cultures/belief systems/races. (In fact my kid sister still bullies me, but then she does buy me wicked presents, so its a small price to pay.)

Marriage counsellors offer the same advice, if you see an argument brewing, walk away and discuss it with a calm head later.

And of those readers who will only believe something if it comes from Quran/Sunnah, I’ll paraphrase:

If you get angry, sit down. If are still angry, lie down. If you are angry still, go and perform the ablution.

Usually the second of those works for me….Have you ever tried to be angry while lying down…not only do you look and sound ridiculous, I end up going to sleep as I’m so knackered nowadays!


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