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Digestion complete in 8 weeks

January 21, 2008

We went for our 32 week checkup for baby No. 2 last week. All fun and games as we walked through torrential rain and walked dripping into the Women’s Wellness unit at Barnet General. The sight must have been impressive as the looks we got clearly said ‘Do you not have umbrellas where you come from?’

Anyway…I then had to go straight out into the rain as we had forgotten our notes at home. One hour later we went through an examination which was farcical, but more on that later.

So why digestion? Well when we found out we were pregnant, we had to stop Ruqaiiya from jumping on her Mum-Mum’s tummy.

‘Why?’ came the reply.

<cue much umm-ing and aah-ing about whether to discuss birds and bees with a 3 year old>

‘Oh! Did Mum-Mum EAT the baby?!??!’

<we both issue a sigh of relief as the answer has presented itself miraculously!>

‘Yes! That’s right…Mum-Mum ate the baby!’ we both cried.

Thereafter follows 9 months of constant reprimands for Mum-mum along the lines of ‘You should not eat babies Mum-Mum. If you are hungry you should tell Papa and he can make you something to eat. Like chocolate.’

So, given the baby has been eaten, it will be fully digested in approximately 8 weeks meaning that the nesting instinct has kicked in…and I feel the next few weeks may involve a little DIY.


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