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January 17, 2008

Its been a long time since I’ve been writing…but finally after a few months of constant busy-ness (surely that has to be a word!), I am getting a little time to put electronic pen to paper.

Got a pressie from darling sister over the Winterval holidays*….one of these.

This means that I have promised that I will upload at least one picture to Flickr every day this year. Will be adding a Flickr feed soon.

Oh and baby number 2 is due in about 8 weeks. Time to look at environmentally friendly nappies.
*As Christmas is so obviously not politically correct. As a Muslim I honestly couldn’t give a rodent’s bottom about what its called, but I might as well pander to the PC crowd and also any Right Wingnuts who think Muslims eat babies.


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  1. I’d reckon that busy-ness is more of a “real” word than Winterval which has been thought up by a bunch of politically correct zealots who should be strung up by their testicles and forced to sing kum-by-yah until their brain drips out of their ears.

    If people want a non-Christian title for Christmas (I am aware of the irony in that given that we do actually live in a society where church and state are intrinsically linked) then use Yule… it may have been subsumed into “Christmas” by the early Christian church (in a desparate but ultimately successful effort to attract converts) but it is the purest celebration of the fact that the darkness is leaving and the lighter times are coming.

  2. Oh yeah…. the 400D rocks, I got one last year, the battery life is outstanding and if you get a big enough memory card the number of pics (and the quality) is superb 😀

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