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January 17, 2008

2 Euphemisms I came across in my life for prostitutes are:

“Woman of Ill Repute” and my favourite “A Characterless woman”

So when I read something about prostitutes in Bangladesh (who are not really discussed in polite circles, but I guess that is the case in every country), I wonder whether these euphemisms apply.

The first probably does because it is effectively a judgement on the reputation of a person and that is always external to the person and how they are perceived. And despite what corporate culture says in the West, perception is not always reality.

However as for being Characterless, I would say the only reason it is true is because the women’s characters are probably beaten out of them, either physically or psychologically, but basic manners still exist. These womenwill welcome people into their lives and offer them something to drink. But they themselves readily admit that life in a brothel is not all that its cut out to be, despite how some working girls portray themselves in the West today, i.e. the ‘fictional’ Belle de Jour.


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  1. Its a dilemma actually regarding the world’s oldest profession. I think the notion of ‘characterless’ is very cultural. In Europe in some societies you will find some students in their teens embracing prostitution for a rather chic life. Here its not about characters but lifestyle.

    Or lets talk about this girl, who is also from Bangladesh being able to deploy a successful marketing gimmick -‘Devadasi’ because she is in a different society.

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