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Crystal Balls? Pah…give me a test

July 13, 2007

I just came back from a few days in Horsley Towers on a management development course. So apart from running around the countryside we also had a few tests to determine personality types, or more accurately, natural tendencies. One of them was what is called a Myers-Briggs test. This involves answering a set of simple questions resulting in 4 letters being assigned to you. E or I S or N T or F J or P I came up as a borderline ENTJ or ENTP. None of this means that I cannot be a different person, but it seemed to indicate my natural state. Of course different moods and circumstances can affect this behaviour and how we react, but under stress, our natural state is what we return to. This piqued my interest and one of my colleagues started talking about something called an Enneagram. So she explained what it was and she told me I was a 3. I had no idea what she meant, so back in my hotel room I decided to take an enneagram test (of the many that are on the Internet) and surprise surprise, I came up as a 3. Are Astrologists missing a trick here? These seem to be fairly accurate and may not pretend to predict the future, but it certainly does help understand my own behaviour on occasion.


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