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July 1, 2007

I am sitting in Riyadh at the moment on a work gig, and I am watching Sky News. (Sometimes sensationalist media is the only option) and I’m looking at what has happened in my homeland over the last 3 days.

2 attempted carbombs and another driven into Glasgow Airport and I just feel sick and angry.

I mean what is the bloody point? Do people really think that if you hit someone more than yourself they will roll over and accept it?

Its like a mosquito attacking a whale. It will not have any effect. In fact it will push people’s opinion in the opposite direction.

Back when the IRA were running a bombing campaign across the UK, they tried to keep public opinion on their side. Bombs were placed and then warnings issued. This gave the authorities to evacuate the location before the device explodes or is defused.

But the approach being taken by these amateurs (who frankly aren’t even planning these attempts properly it seems) is one designed to push people’s opinion against them. Assuming that these attacks are a result of some ‘Islamic’ viewpoint, then I’m assuming that anyone who suffers the backlash from society at large is ‘collateral damage’.

There is a famous saying of the Prophet Muhammad: ‘Muslim akhul Muslim’, which translates as  ‘A muslim is the brother of a muslim’. So by taking these attempts at destroying lives, people are simply offering up their brothers/sisters to be attacked by their ‘enemy’ namely UK society.

Muslims in the UK are angry, angry with their so called brothers.


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One Comment
  1. Well said. And I like your title!

    Next time when I go to London I would like to meet you.

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