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Bye Bye and thanks for all the WMDs…

May 11, 2007

My mate Ant is leaving is job in a few weeks. I’m gonna miss him. It’s been good having him around. Particularly I’m gonna miss that cheeky grin he has, especially when he realises he screws something up. We’ve had some laughs at his expense, but that’s largely because he doesn’t realise when he’s being an idiot.

They should be interviewing for his job officially, but I think Don will get it. He’s been vying for the promo for years. But the problem I have is that I don’t want him to get it. I think it would be a colossal mistake if he got the role, but honestly I don’t think it matters what I or the rest of the country think. Gordon Brown will be the next Prime Minister. But he will probably only last the rest of this term the way things are going. Now THAT has to be a record. Even John ‘I like Currie’ Major managed to get elected after Maggie left.

To do the right thing, there should be a General Election as soon as he is made Labour Party leader., But let’s be honest, this guys been after this job for so long, he’ll get it and then probably cancel the 2012 elections due to a ‘State of Emergency’.

Go on Gordy..prove me wrong and call a general election. Ha, there’s more chance of a WMD landing at number 10 in 45 MINUTES!!!!

 Oh and as I sit in Frankfurt Airport waiting for the plane, I’ve realised that Illy make the best coffee!


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  1. hey,where are you from??can u email me please,thx

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