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Why Starbucks are getting my goat….

May 10, 2007

Well actually if I had a goat, I doubt I would give it to Starbucks as they would most likely slaughter it, roast it and make overpriced ciabatta or panini sandwiches. Whereas I could easily use it as a lawnmower…

But talking about overpriced, a programme on BBC World which aired last night talked about the actual cost of the Venti, skinny, triple shot latte with a sugar-free vanilla shot no foam that you could order at S’bux.

Here come the figures:

1 kilo of Coffee cherries earns the picker (if on a co-operative farm) around $2.25.

1 kilo yields around 75 cups of coffee

In an average coffee shop in London, a medium latte will cost around $4. That is ONE CUP.

In terms of a markup that is around 16 times!

Ok, I will admit that it can’t be 100% profit, but if an averag farmer (not in a co-operative) only get $0.33 per kilo, then there are some serious balance issues. For now, I will stick to my bottle of tap water, flavoured with a (fairtrade) Orange.


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  1. i cant understand……

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