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Pilgrims & Shawarma

December 15, 2006

About 3million people will be turning up in Makkah over the next few weeks culminating in the Hajj around New Years.

So my agoraphobia is having to take a back burner while I and Two million, Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine Thousand and Nine Hundred and Ninety Nine (2999999) other people will share the oft quoted ‘Experience of a Lifetime’. In fact, the Piccadilly line on a Monday morning at 8am apparently doesnt even come close. Still I can look forward to the Chicken Shawarma & Pepsi for 3 Riyals (what’s that around £0.50 !?). Or I could enjoy the spiritually uplifting experience that it should be.

So for those who are staying out of Makkah, Happy Holidays, and those joining me there, Hope the journey is successful.




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  1. Best of luck and please keep me in your prayers.

  2. Hajj Mubarak akhi!!

    Inshallah i pray Allah makes your journey one of ease and that He accepts all your prayers and forgives you and you return fresh and reinlightened and ready to struggle in His way. Mashallah, im so happy for you that you got this opportunity!

    Take Care,

  3. bodda permalink

    shapps vai,
    hope you hv had a nice and spiritually uplifting experience.
    best wishes for everything, and take care

  4. Anonymous permalink

    i need some advice as i am inshallah going on the hajj trip this year. I suffer from agrophobia and become cholestrophobic very quickly

  5. can i make friend with you??

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