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Plots on Planes

August 11, 2006

10/8 (note I’m using the standard UK way of stating the date first, i.e. 10th August, 11th September)

That would have been another date up there with 11/9, 3/7, 7/7.

Or so we the Metropolitan Police/Home Office would have us believe. I have no doubt that there may well have been a plot. But there are a few questions I would like answered:

This threat has been monitored ‘for months’ and ‘scaled up six weeks ago’, but why is there this grape-shot approach to the airports?

Is this like when Tanks were rolled into Heathrow (piccies here) and is this another method for the Government to instill the fear in us necessary to pass legislation which will infringe further on our civil rights? Just for the record, a couple of days before the Tanks @ Heathrow incident, there was a small demonstration in London. Also interesting is the Home Secretary’s speech to Demos which was delivered on Wednesday this week.

Now let’s turn to the alleged terrorists: The Bank of England has frozen the assets of 19 of the 24 people currently being questioned by Police in relation to yesterday’s plot. Thus the names of these 19 have been released to the public. What I find disturbing though is that one of them (Abdul Muneem Patel) is not even 18 yet. This is surely ‘redicalisation of the youth’ at its finest.

When will people realise that the foreign policy of the UK/US is what is driving these young men into doing crazy things? I’ve seen people in the UK Muslim community adopt the mantle of victimhood citing a litany of ‘crimes’ including the occupation of Iraq and the lack of WMDs, the failure of the US to capture Bin Laden, the Israel/Palestine problem, now Lebanon, the US’ preoccupation with Iran (which actually does go back to the Revolution in 1979), the placing of US troops in Saudi Arabia (or as some call it incorrectly, the ‘Hijaz‘).

Then there is also the perception that Oil is the main driver behind the US/UK interest in the Middle East. The relationship between the US and the house of Saud has cooled after 11/9 and the potential for getting oil from Iraq and the Caspian area has precipitated that. Many will cite other problems in the world which just dont get the same attention: Darfur, the troubles in Sri Lanka, the countries in the world which needed more ‘Regime Change’ than Iraq did, i.e. North Korea, Myanmar, heck even Zimbabwe. No Oil, No Interest.

People will counter this with, ‘Well I don’t see people from Sri Lanka blowing up Western interests.’ And they are right, but this is a misunderstanding on how Muslims see the world and how non-Muslims see the world. Muslims consider themselves part of one body. One part is cut and the pain is felt elsewhere. This is so that race, States (which have always come and gone through history) and the colour of skin plays no part in people’s allegiances. The allegiance for Muslims is to one ‘flag’ and that has no physical boundaries as it is a belief. Muslims as a whole should care about what happens in the world, as opposed to people who dont share this belief focus in on largely what happens in their backyard.

To finish off however, I must say that the if this was a genuine Terror plot, then the intelligence services have done a great job, but it doesnt just end there. They are under pressure to perform and prevent any future actions/plots, but they must use the Muslim community and bring it under its wing to make any serious attempts at stopping this threat. As said before, if I hear someone is gonna blow up a something or other, I go to the cops. I don’t want to see people blown up. That is not my Islam.


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  1. Aka permalink

    It’s a difficult line that the security services have to walk.. and it’s not a new one either. I think in many ways (and I know some people find this bit impossible) it helps to completely remove any “cause” from the equation. So ignore (just for a minute, not the rest of your life) the perceived injustices that have driven this action and look at the logistics.

    You have a group of people, more than 20 in number, who you think are plotting to do something. You think, through carefully watching them over a period of months, that there are about 21 in the UK but there are some around the fringes that you can’t definitely tie in or rule out. You know if you arrest them you probably won’t be able to charge them, you know that if you don’t and they later cause carnage, then you won’t be able to live with that guillt.

    Something happens. We don’t know what, or where, or even if it was valid, but something happens that makes you think “they are about to do something bad”.

    What do you do?

    Now, again just for a minute, imagine this isn’t Britain in 2006, imagine it’s Britain in 1976. Same hot summer, same poor sport performance, same threat of terrorism… except now the terrorists are Irish, not Islamic… they are polarized, fantical, Irish Catholics who also have felt excluded from society, unfairly victimized by the state and have resorted to terror tactics to convey their message.

    Now roll back on to the present… and have a think about what needed to happen, on both sides, to calm down (but not solve) the situation there and so what might need to happen now.

    It’s not something that you can stand up and say “You must do this” or “You are causing this by doing this”… it’s something that every single educated person in society needs to embrace.

  2. Shapps permalink

    Aka, I agree. But when will both sides calm down? I look at that boil on World Peace’s bottom called the Israeli/Palestinian issue and that has been festering for nigh on 60 years now. With President calling people “Islamic Fascists” and these “Islamic Fascists” calling for the end to the Terrorist States of the West. Sometimes I think you should take the leaders of each of these factions, and they are factions within the Human race, lock them in a room, give them a set of gloves and let them follow Queensbury Rules. We say we are civilized today, but I think of the battles that used to happen and a Champion from each side would fight each other and that would decide the battle. Which is more civilized?

  3. Okay with the news and whatever little resources we have about the incident, I am not exactly convinced that it was a “big plot”. If they just went to raid houses East London, Birmingham and other places full of Pakistani and Bangladeshi and other Muslim people (mostly Pakistanis),it just feels like a nasty plot to divert attention from “Lebanon” or other things. Borht Presidents (Bush and Blair) are under extreme pressure given that both their people are mostly against these atrocities against humanity. Could it be that it’s all a plot to cover up something? Or even worse:to justify the infringements of civil rights in the both countries :US and the UK? Right when US was severly criticised for the Guantanamo Bay?

    Have you watched Loose Change? A very interesting and different view on 9/11. Somewhat of a conspiracy theory, but a very convincing one!

    Check this out here:
    Also check out this one too!

  4. Hi there

    As a Welsh guy living in Bangladesh, found your blog really interesting and like the political slant. keep it up! Check mine out if you ahve time, for a view of BD thru foreign eyes…

  5. sabrina permalink

    Ramadan Kareem!

  6. Ah, it does make you feel like a dream to live in Dhaka, Bangladesh.

    Psychs , nah it doesn’t.. I bet even darfur doesn’t have 8 hr long power outage, everyday, 340 days a year. I bet even the biggest open oppressing nations of the world doesn’t marry off their daughters at 12, to be mother of 1/2 at 13 and to be divorced (vocally) at 14. I can also bet that despite suffering tremendously from the leadership, no where in the world is people so biased as in Bangladesh.

    Yup, its a damn good life.. Or How I learnt to face facts and rectify optimism through pessimism

  7. Annisha permalink


    I went to school with the youngest of the young men, Abdul Patel and this is very out of character for him. The press has portrayed him horribly to have been expelled from school and to have had anger management issues. But he really wasn’t like that at all and he wasn’t expelled. I am not Muslim but I am shocked and appalled by the way that the media and the Government have been treating them. Unfortunately, Western society has a very negative view of Muslims and this is wrong. By alienating people, it’s not going to help the world, it’s just going to make this situation worse.

    I only just found out about the situation with Abdul Patel (was very preoccupied due to personal reasons) and I have been researching it on the internet. I was amazed to find racist sites discussing Muslims and American and British websites announcing where he lives! He is still a child and I am outraged that he has been exposed in such a manner.

    It would be nice if World Peace would could come about in our lifetimes but at the tender age of 17, I can’t say I think it will. There are still ignorant bigots in this world and they are influencing more people to join in their thinking (or lack thereof). I look at my son and part of me feels guilty for bringing him into such a horrible world. I hope that someone will take a real stand against the evil things that are happening this world. People shouldn’t be judged because they are different and greed shouldn’t rule the world.

  8. how can you make so nice blog !

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