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Bloggage Hiatus

August 8, 2006

I’ve just been waay too busy to write over the last few weeks.

So much has happened, and the weather has just been too good here, so I’ve been cooking, sitting in the sun and also working. All which has kept me quite busy.

Going back to being political, here’s a link.

Update:  And one more. To quote from this one:

A record of conflict: the death toll from wars Britain has fought under three prime ministers

Tony Blair
71,617 deaths

9 years in power

Iraq war (2003-)

115 UK troop deaths 30,000 Iraqi troop deaths (estimate by Gen Tommy Franks in Oct 2003) 39,460-43,927 civilian deaths (Iraq Body Count)

Afghanistan (2001-)

16 UK troop deaths (as of 1 August 2006)

1,300-8,000 direct civilian deaths (Guardian estimate). Unknown Taliban deaths

Sierra Leone (2000-2002)

1 UK troop death 25 foreign troop deaths (at least)

Nato bombing of Serbia (1999)

No UK troop deaths. Unknown Serbian troop deaths 500-1,500 civilian deaths (according to Human Rights Watch/Nato estimates)

Operation Desert Fox (1998)

200-300 Iraqi deaths (based on UN estimate)

John Major
22,316 deaths

7 years in power

Gulf war (1991)

16 UK troop deaths 20,000-22,000 Iraqi troop deaths 2,300 civilian deaths (according to the Iraqi government)

Margaret Thatcher
1,013 deaths

11 years in power

US bombing of Libya from UK bases (1986)

100 Libyan deaths

Falklands war (1982)

255 UK troop deaths 655 Argentinian troop deaths 3 Civilian deaths



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  1. I think you should at least write about the latest ” terror plot” in London/England. I still do not know the full story. The American media ain’t telling how “exactly” they caught these people.

  2. Shapps permalink

    Hey Sabrina. I’m not sure how they were caught either. I guess its in the interests of Security not to divulge this info.

    While this was all going on, I decided to flip through the news channels and Fox News and Sky News were showing and saying the same thing. Not the usual ‘message is the same’, Fox were actualy broadcasting a Sky feed and saying that this was the case. Rupert Murdoch has a lot to answer for.

  3. your blog is very nice !

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