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Cops & Not quite Robbers

June 12, 2006

The 2 men arrested in Forest Gate as part of a growingly infamous Terror raid were released last week and there were large protests against the raid and what is perceived as ‘heavy-handedness’ on the part of the Police. Once again the Police Commissioner is under pressure to quit. Sir Ian Blair is the man who was in charge during the shooting of Jean Charles de Menezes, the man who controversially said that the media was insitutionally racist while at the same time ignoring that the Police have been classed as such for years.

Now I believe the Police do a tough job which I would never have the guts to do, but they really do need to sort out their PR.

I want to leave you with a quote from John Irving, the Chairman of Wiltshire’s Racial Equality Council: “If we look at it from the interests of the national safety – the safety of the nation – not merely one community in it, I speak as a Muslim myself, but I also speak as an Englishman – we have to look at the safety of the nation now.”


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  1. It’s about time arrogant and useless Brits should learn something from Canadians. Like most people, I’m tired of Rednecks (Canada’s neighbour) and Snobs (PM is a lapdog) policing around the world and no one saying anything. I hope Iran will come forward and teach them some good lessons.


  2. I’m not sure if I should be offended by that. As an ‘arrogant Brit’ I don’t think I need to be taught a lesson. As for Iran, musclebound posturing does not help anyone’s cause. If they are going to develop nuclear weapons, they should simply do it as North Korea did, not bother telling the world about their ‘Civilian Nuclear Capabilities’. Threatening to wipe Israel off the map is just anothe rway of bringing too much attention to yourself. Softly Softly Catchy Monkey.

  3. Brits are mostly uptight, stuffy and arrogant, probably one of those few nations who jump into tube and open a potter book to avoid a person sitting next. They surely would like to learn some bits from people living close to polar bears just to see how their intelligence work. You dont need much mayhem to shoot a person and make him paralyse before he’s even consulted to be a baddy. The kids must sue Bobbies and MP Lapdog for about 200 million each for what’s been done as well life long support for their 100 generation. Heh

    Israel doesnt exist, so there’s no question of wiping it out. I guess i can agree on that one at least.

  4. I refer you to what happened to the Prophet Muhammad at Taif and how he reacted. When will people learn to follow his example.

  5. Replied there and it reflects on your comment as you said you’re an arrogant brit… Now I cant remember reading that our Prophet was an arrogant person… meh

  6. i cant understand……

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