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Yvonne and the Police

June 7, 2006

Seemingly my ‘favourite’ new muslim, Yvonne Ridley is suffering from verbal diarrhoea again.

Realistically how she does not expect the flames from being fanned further by this inflammatory talk is beyond me. Ok, the police service (nee force) have their issues, but surely we would be in an even worse situation if it turns/turned out that the Forest Gate brothers are actual bombers and had something planned.

Respect’s Hanif Abdulmuhit seems to take a more common sense approach: “If someone, for example, comes to me now and says ‘Hanif I’m sitting in my kitchen making a bomb to blow X up’, I will go to the police. “
For once I agree with something someone from Respect is saying, hell I would report them as well because the ‘X’ could be me, my family, my friends (both muslim and non-muslim) and anyone else who simply happened to be walking past. I think that applies whether they are muslim or not. Hell a bomber is a bomber, regardless of what flag he works under.


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  1. i agree with you!

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