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April 4, 2006

It’s been a very long time since I last posted. Largely work and family has been getting in the way (How inconsiderate!!)

Anyway, last weekend, we decided to venture out to Portobello Road market. A protracted journey via the tube led us to Notting Hill Gate and then a walk to the market (basically follow the crowds). Made famous by that (in)famous film ‘Notting Hill’, Portobello Road market is a lot more interesting than the film makes out.

We started at the Notting Hill end and finished up at the Westbourne Grove end which is a longish walk especially with a pushchair through Saturday afternoon crowds. It starts of with lots of Antique shops and stalls with Jewellery, plates, memorabilia (One stall had gas masks and tin hats!) and of course furniture. Then it rapidly becomes a food market, with some of the best deals I’ve seen yet. A box of Clementines for £1, Freshly baked Breton biscuits and my fave, a cornucopia of olives. Kalamata, Queen, Manazilla, Nicoise… you name it was there. And also they were stuffed with anything from the usual culprits like Pimento (not the nasty paste), feta, anchovies and also almonds. Heaven if you ask me!

Further down we get to the clothing part and the second hand shoe and boot stalls. Not my cup of tea but they were very busy. Also we came across Portobello Halal, which obviously is a butchers. However what fascinated me was that this place would do cuts of meat as per ‘English’ requirements. All you vegetarians please forgive me as I go into a little detail. These guys will cut you a lamb leg steak, which is an unheard of concept in normal Halal butchers. They will do beef steaks as per your choice, i.e. Sirloin, RibEye and they will do rabbit and game! Which leads me onto my purchase of veal. Veal you cannot find easily so I did check it was ethically raised. I enquired into obtaining other meats like venison and pheasant, and it was all possible with a bit of notice.

Amongst other things we picked up, well I picked up a doumbek, although mine is not as ornate as the one in that link and Wifey picked up an Egyptian antique water bottle which is taking pride of place next to our decorative shisha.

So all in all, a good day’s shopping. Next week we will most likely hit Borough Market near London Bridge to buy some cheese amongst other things. Time Out has a lot to answer for, especially given the hit that all this shopping is taking on my bank balance!

Sunday was a day for me and the kid in the park enjoying one of the first few days of Spring. I think I will be buying a slide for the garden soon.


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  1. i love your blog, will keep looking you blog every day.

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