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March 8, 2006

So do you believe in ghosts?

I do to a certain degree. But there have been certain occurences in my life which have freaked me out.

Now as part of the faith of Islam, there is the belief in other beings living in parallel to humans. They are called Jinn and according to some beliefs they are a being created before humans. Satan (Iblis) himself was a Jinn according to Islamic belief  (and not the Angel of Christian belief). His arrogance/ego prevented him from bowing down to man and as such he was banished. Jinn are said to be created from a smokeless fire. Hence Iblis’ belief that fire is superior to the clay from which man was made would led to his downfall. More background can be found here.

Anyways, so given beliefs in other being is strong in Islam, and despite myself not being one to fantasise about them or really worry about what they might or might not do, I got totally freaked when little things happen:

1. A beautiful Summer’s day, and mum was just letting the cat out into the garden, and suddenly its hackles went up and is hissed like crazy at the door. Some may say she was crazy, but it is freaky when it happens. And it did only happen once.

2. When you are walking along a dark road and you feel someone is right behind you, and you turn around and no one is there.

3. When you are making a cup of tea in the kitchen and feel someone’s breath on the back of your neck. You turn around and nothing is there.

4. When a child constantly points at nothing (in this case a wardrobe) and cries.

5. Or when my cousin’s daughter would wake up in the middle of the night and just cry and point. We later heard from the neighbour who told my cousin on the day they moved out that prior to them living there, the occupant had committed suicide in that room.

5. And most recently my daughter (who is afraid of the dark, but only to the point where she would not venture into somewhere dark) was asked to shut the living room door by my wife and she went to the door(which opened onto the then darkened hallway) and screamed and ran back crying. She was unconsolable for a good 30-40 minutes, and again, just pointed at the door. Jinn or ghost? Who knows, but it still freaks me out.


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