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Of Gas Leaks and Washing Machines

February 28, 2006

Extremely busy at work and tomorrow I join my new employer. Same job, same boss, same boss’s boss, same boss’ boss’s boss, but most importantly different company.

 And it is bitterly cold in the UK. And I wish my washing machine hadn’t broken over the weekend. It’s actually been a couple of weeks of just disasters around the house.

Gas leak one Sunday morning. Transco came around and disconnected the gas saying we had a leak, and it was now our responsibility to find someone to fix it. Spent 3 days phoning people and getting false promises, until the wife digs up our Home insurance papers and finds we have Domestic emergency cover (See, spouses have their uses). So we have someone come round and at least put the heating back on.

 Then we bought a new gas hob, which took a week to arrive. I duly fitted it and then had to wait another 2 days for someone to come and connect the gas to that. Great. And then this weekend, the washing machine door decided to come away in my hand (I’m astounded by my own strength sometimes), and the pressure cooker blew up.

 Anyway, such is life in the Shapps household. Just waiting for the Dishwasher, Oven, TV, Stereo to all give up the ghost. Joy!


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  1. Hi Shapps,

    By the grace of Allah no one was hurt in those disasters. Look on the brighter side, you seldom had a dull moment, because you were too much busy to think about yourself.

  2. The implication being that I was being selfish? 😉

  3. Hi shapps vai, salam.
    looks like we have a similar fate. when things go wrong, everything goes wrong.
    good luck with that… hopefully u aint sooo much out of luck on other frontiers.

  4. Explains the haircut at least 😉

  5. how can you make so nice blog !

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