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Ethical Shopping

January 30, 2006

You may ask why have ethical shopping. Well I see the ethical nature of companies being questioned more and more in the future and as the western consumer becomes more sophisticated in their tastes. But with increasing homogeneity across western markets, I see a key differentiator between products being how the company conducts itself in the world. Gone are the days when being discerning on where you buy things was tantamount to being a Weed smoking hippy.

I found this great site which details companies in terms of their ethical standing. Ethiscore groups companies by product and gives them a rating between 0 and 20. The higher the score, the more ethical the company. Criteria range from whether they use organic products through to their relationships with oppressive regimes and involvement in the dubious industries (Pornography). Unsurprisingly most of the companies with the highest scores tend to be the small ones with niche markets.

Also there’s Gooshing which is a shopping portal for ethical shopping.

I am of course a hypocrite to a certain degree in that I will occasionally shop at Tesco and do occasionally drink Coca Cola. But these are habits which have been drummed into me by the culture in which I live and a conscious decision has to be made everytime I decide I need to do some shopping. Habits break, but it takes time.

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  1. Owen permalink

    Thanks, hadn’t heard of Gooshing before.

  2. your blog is very nice !

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