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Of Celebrities & Alcohol

January 6, 2006

More Britons are dying of Liver Cirrhosis than ever beforeI find it interesting that the recent proposal and subsequent implementation of longer opening hours for pubs and bars was put forward by the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, as opposed to the Department of Health.

And with that news we also see Charles Kennedy – Leader of the Liberal Democrats, the 3rd party in politics stating that he sought therapy for Alcoholism, thus starting a Leadership contest.


And most interestingly, George Galloway has entered the Big Brother house for this year’s edition of Celebrity Big Brother. George Galloway happens to be the Member of Parliament for Bethnal Green and Bow, the constituents of which are approximately 50% Muslim/Bangladeshi origin. His party, Respect have a solid anti-Iraq war stance and it is widely agreed that he won his seat due to his appealing to the Muslim vote. The election in that constituency was a particularly bitter one with the incumbent Labour MP, Oona King, being branded a Jewess (She is of mixed race) in order to stir up anti-semitic feeling within that community. Bear in mind that the people of that community are amongst the poorest in the together with being the least educated, so stirring up such feelings would be very easy.

To my mind, Galloway has cheapened the name of the Party by involving himself in what is generally considered ‘Trash TV’ and it raises the question as to what benefit his constituents will get from his involvement in this game show and whether he is still drawing his MP’s salary of £50,095 per annum for the duration of his stay in the Big Brother house.

It’ll be interesting to see what Respect’s Deputy Leader, Salma Yaqoob who in my opinion has done a lot for the status of Muslims and particularly women on the national stage, says about the leader of her party effectively playing on his ‘Celebrity’ status.


As to the rest of the Big Brother contestants, I put my money (metaphorically as I don’t gamble), on Maggot because he has the coolest name.


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  1. i love your blog, great !

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