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Vacation Over

December 12, 2005

So I’m back from my hols. 3 weeks of being totally incommunicado which means no email, not internet, not TV. Not that I couldnt get access, but because I simply couldn’t be bothered. I was not interested. Instead we focused on relaxing and just having a good time with family and friends. But of course this means I have to apologise to Rezwan who I should have met up with but didn’t. I’m really sorry it didnt happen.

Also lots of photos were taken, which I’ll slowly upload, but the two below show the difference between the ‘Haves and Have Nots’ in BD.

My question to you is “Honestly, where would you rather buy from? “

Bashundhara Shopping Centre Fruit Lady


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  1. bodda permalink

    Hi, i am from bangladesh (living in aalborg, denmark) and enjoy reading your blog.
    so, how was the trip and how did u find yourself in bd?
    i really agree with you abt the haves and the have nots.. i was living in dhaka last three years, and know how drastic the difference is… and the gapping widening further and further everyday.

    God knows how far is the sonar bangla we dreamt of ?

  2. Thanks for dropping by. I”ve been to Aalborg on business. I love BD, but I guess that”s becuase I fall into the Haves. Sonar Bangla will be coming soon. Not in our lifetimes, but soon.

  3. bodda permalink

    Hi shapps,
    thanks for dropping by.
    inform me if u hv to come to aalborg again… at least can show you around this tiny place.

  4. i cant understand……

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