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MTV Censorship

November 9, 2005

Rifat posted a few days ago on how MTV’s adverts have been cancelled. They use 9/11 (or 11/9 if you live in the UK) to highlight other problems such as AIDS and Hunger.

Effectively what we are saying is that it is ok to use 9/11 as justification to eradicate terrorism. But there are no other problems in the world which need to be eradicated.

You can download a Powerpoint presentation with the ads here.


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  1. intergalacticacid permalink

    Yes the world should be united against AIDS as well, but we are really talking about 1st and 3rd world here. The 1st world does not give a damn about the 3rd world unless the 3rd world starts bringing its problems to the 1st world. That is what is happening with terrorism, hence the 1st world is paying attention.

    AIDS is a 3rd world problem that presents an economic opportunity to the 1st world, and that is where it ends fo the 1st world.

    I do not condone this mindset but it is the law of life on our earth, my needs come first, survival of the fittest, what ever you want to call it and it will never change. The down trodden will always be the downtrodden

  2. i cant understand……

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