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Fear the Muslims

October 8, 2005

Why fear the Muslims?

<sarcasm>Because if they catch you breaking their car windows, ‘they might eat your children.’ Heathens tend to do that you know. Eat the children of normal people. </sarcasm>

Seriously though, during Fajr* prayer this morning at my local mosque, someone decided to break a couple of car windows. At 6 in the morning! So basically the people who run the mosque informed the Police, the MCB, and the Islamic Human Rights Commission, as all these bodies want to keep a record of these crimes.

But essentially I am upset by this as in all honesty, I have never really been a victim of racial abuse, and to experience this now, it’s quite jarring. I hate to admit it, it may be something that we have to live with for the next couple of decades. Why a couple of decades, well I think back to how race relations were in the 80s and how this dominated society, especially after the Brixton and Broadwater Farm riots.


*Fajr, for my non-muslim readers, is the prayer just before dawn when its cold and you cant be bothered to get out of bed, but you do because it is an act of worship in itself. Basically the first prayer of the day.


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  1. It’s sad how people are blamed for the actions of others, some Muslims ruin our reputation by doing violent acts, and hence the whole Muslim umma is affected.
    May Allah protect the Muslims.
    Nice Blog..

  2. Thanks for dropping by. May Allah protect all mankind. Don’t forget that Islam is not just for the muslims, it is for all of humanity. There is only one God and he is the only God for man.

  3. hey,where are you from??can u email me please,thx

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