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Almost Pre-Emptive Strikes

October 4, 2005

So we are now being subjected to what I call the MFF (Muslim Fear Factor). It can be summarised as ‘Don’t piss off the Muslims ‘cos they might bomb ya’.

Is this a form of Islamophobia (what a horrible word)?

Eating the flesh of the swine is haraam. Simple. Not looking at a pig. Not touching a pig. Not even thinking of a pig! In fact even less haraam* is looking at an effigy of pig. What is Winnie The Pooh without piglet? What will happen to kiddies who want to watch ‘Babe’? Will flying pigs be subject to Air Traffic Control procedures?

So banning any pig shaped items in the office is the almost preemptive strike taken by the Dudley Council in order to stop anyone else getting offended. Oh Purrrrleeeaase!!! Do I as a muslim give a sh*t whether someone plays with a toy pig? Hell no. We have more important things to worry about.

*Are their gradations of haram? Why do some manufacturers put 100% halal on goods? How can something be 50% halal?


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  1. Aadhil permalink

    Assalamu Alaikum brother in Islam,

    Having read your comment , I do not wish to place my comments on the matter you have discussed here.However I do wish to make a kind request that you refrain from using abusive language specially when placing comments on Islamic topics as itself is Haraam and most would find it to be offensive.I hope I have not offended you but it is only my intention to correct you where I feel you have wronged.


  2. Assalamu Alaikum Aadhil,

    Jazakallah for dropping by and expressing your opinion.

    On whether it is haraam to use abusive language when talking about Islamic topics, I expect you are right, but with my limited vocabulary the word used is not something I would class as abusive language. Abusive language to me is when it is directed at an individual or a group of individuals and intentionally causing them offense. That was not my intention here. My intention was simply to express my frustration. I have used 2 words here which may cause offense, both slang words for bodily excretions. The first, is actually something I heard someone say in public. I was deeply offended by it and I expect you are the same. Why would an ordinary muslim decide to kill if they are angry. That is not the intellectual response. And the intellectual approach is what we as muslims should take, as Ali (RA) did when he almost killed someone until they spat in his face and spared him because of this, I’m sure you know the story. Quoting this unknown member of the public to me seemed appropriate as it is testament to how some people are feeling.

    On the second word I used, I was simply expressing my frustration on people reducing my religion to a set of little trivial items. If we think about how people are suffering for our beliefs, and then we have people complaining about such small things.

    I apologise if my words have offended or upset anyone, but I hope people understand why I am so frustrated, and it is an example of how I tend to lose my lucidity when I am upset.

    Thanks or dropping by and commenting. Have a happy Ramadhan and let us use these days and nights for what is best.


  3. What the hell do you want to write about?

  4. how can you make so nice blog !

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