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Fuel Protests

September 14, 2005

Way back in September 2000, protesters set up blockades at Petrol Refineries. The country came to a standstill as no fuel reached the Service Stations and the Government were forced to put Fuel duty rises on hold.

The last 2 days have seen people panic buying fuel like crazy! The longest queue I have seen is almost half a mile out of the service station. There are planned protests, but we are being assured that there will not be any blockades, but why is it we don’t trust the protesters. I believe they are doing this for all of us, especially as we approach the £5 per gallon mark. Duty comprises approximately 70% of the cost of a litre of petrol. But ultimately these queues are an indication of how self centred society has become. We will support to the fuel protests as long as our own petrol tanks are full.

Ultimately, duty on fuel needs to drop or it has to change, but I cannot see a reason for the Goverment to change it. Charging a percentage as opposed to a fixed amount means that as oil prices go up, the Government profits. The next few days will be interesting as the rest of Europe’s goverments are changing their fuel taxation.



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