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What is a Terrorist?

September 2, 2005

When the Mohammed Siddique Khan says ‘My People’ I know instantly that he speaks of Muslims. But did he? We will never know. I know that when people see indigenous English people who have become Muslims, born muslims are surprised. The skin colour surprises them. We have the head of a department from a local school talk every Friday at the mosque. And when new people come in, they always ask, ‘Is he muslim??!’

But what exactly does it mean when someone will kill others because they threaten ‘my’ people? I always saw humanity as one race. One people. I don’t know. Is a terrorist determined by the colour of their skin or by their actions? Can States be guilty of terrorism? Is a Terrorist decided by the colour of their skin or their race? Israel thinks so. Israel has decided that its people are Jewish. Pakistan is officially known as the ‘Islamic Republic of Pakistan’ no matter how much of a misnomer that may be and their people are Muslims. But in actuality there is only one race. The Human Race.

So where do we draw the line? Who are my people? Will I be killed by a terrorist or a freedom fighter or a heart attack?


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  1. salam.
    that was a wiked post! right to the point!
    i totally agree bro…

  2. I wondered about that statement too… I wasn’t aware that the British had been so downtrodden so often. I mean, this guy was British, he was born in Britain, he grew up in Britain, he worked in Britain, he had an accent that could put him down as an extra in "Last of the Summer Wine"…. so he’s British.

    The fact that he was a muslim makes no odds as to "his people", we are all one people before God, Britain more than most is a multicultural society… the "ruling" religion, the Church of England is seen as a synonym for being agnostic. Although the fact that there is an "official" religion means Britain isn’t a secular nation, it is more inclusive and multicultural than some purely "secular" societies I’ve seen (Germany, France).

    I don’t look at anyone in Britain as being "British" because of their religion, I look on people as being British based on where they live, where they were born, the company they keep, the friends they have and how they interact with me… I guess in that respect Mohammed Siddique Khan wasn’t British, he’d rejected the membership of the society that nurtured him and wanted to turn against them; this is something that toddlers do, but when people don’t grow out of it we call them mentally disturbed and sociopathic… a sobriquet that seems to apply to Mohammed Siddique Khan quite well.

  3. Britain has been multi-cultural ever since the Romans invaded and started ruling over the Celts. The issue is whether we can get on with each other without mass murder and with a bit of give and take.

    In Ireland they could not manage to do that properly and the country was divided into a mainly Catholic part and a mainly Protestant part. The same happened in India and is happening again in Israel/Palestine with horrible bloodshed in each of these cases. It will be better for everybody if G_d willing, some intelligent tolerance prevails.

  4. i agree with you!

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