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'United' States of America

September 2, 2005

So after 9/11 (I think I prefer 11/9), the United in the old United States of America was good and proper. Americans stood together. They were all ONE nation under that ONE flag all sharing ONE set of dreams/goals.

Fast forward to August 2005. And a hurricane (which we knew about) sweeps through New Orleans and the Unity goes out the window. Looting commences and the chasm between the Rich and Poor has been shown to be greater than ever.

And the Government’s responsibility goes out of the window, because people were warned.

The most powerful nation in the world, who wants to spread their brand of democracy cannot control their own. What example is this setting to the ‘hopeful’ Iraqi people?

UPDATE: Daniel Brett compares the US to Bangladesh in the face of a natural disaster.


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  1. i couldn’t agree more!!! the way the government is treating the people down there is horrible. they were warned, they now have to deal wth it. people fail to realize that the people who are left are the poor, the ones who had cars and means to leave left!

    now there is as much media attention being paid to the fact that us rich white americans are going to have to spend $3+/gallon. BOO-HOO! We should be mroe concerned about the fact that dead people are being stacked up and autopsies are being performed in parking lots because there is no electircity to light up the buildings. animals are being left to fend for themselves. people with little have less.

  2. feel that what has happened with the hurricane and what has been covered by the media are two different things. People were trapped for days with no way out, they were breaking into cars to find a means out of the death trap, and yes the government was trying to stop them from steeling rich peoples cars by pointing guns, I find that as appalling and I understand your view on that aspect of things. the place is trashed and people were dying, people were frantic and confused. as for the looting, everything was destroyed any way, who cares about the t.v.s and bull, most people have lost everything they have ever owned, maybe they were there to feed themselves or others, you don’t know the whole thing, I don’t know it all either, only the minds who have witnessed this disaster truly know why people have done what they have done. Have you realized how many people have donated to their relief, so much food and water and supplies have been donated, I see that as standing together, being united. maybe you need to take a closer look at what is happening on the sidelines instead of what the media has shown.

  3. Hi,

    I agree, we cannot trust the media, but I think what has to be learned from this is that even the greatest nation is not immune to the baser instincts. The fact that the nation unites afterwards, is more an act of realization of their errors. Donations happen everywhere for every disaster as we saw after the Tsunami last Christmas. My point is how easy it is for people to focus on their own survival instead of seeing who else is worse off, a crime of which I am guilty of as well.

  4. The media is tainted and anyone who thinks otherwise is dead wrong. We are fed different spins on every story. The only person who knows the whole story is Bush. That’s why we elected him. Humans are still humans no matter who they are. Anyone who is so quick to judge should try to step up and do a better job. Step up and give a helping hand instead of standing back and critisizing.


  5. Thanks for dropping by Amy.

    Believe me, I criticize things in which I have a vested interest. I have a vested interest in this topic because I donated. I have always donated to the Red Cross/Red Crescent and my company doubled every payment from each employee and ended up giving over $500,000.

    I quote from a friend:

    "The wonderful Red Cross hides behind the guise of a non-profit organization all the while soaking in huge profits. Have you forgotten about their 9/11 mismanagement and the amount of money that was donated that never got to the victims in the form of aid? Ask yourself how a non-profit organization can have a CEO that hits a 7 figure salary. Ask yourself why the Red Cross makes these promotional videos showing all of the beautiful children that you’re helping when you donate blood but they never tell you how much they CHARGE hospitals for the blood that they SELL to them. Oh, and just another little point of contention… None of us needed a link to the Red Cross to know where to find it for donations. They have one of the best funded public relations departments you’ll ever see. You can’t flip through five channels without seeing an ad begging for blood or donations. Again, donations that fund that 7 figure salary at the top and the hoards of other 6 and 7 figure salaries in upper management. The Red Cross would be ashamed if you found out how their donations get allocated. While you say it’s not about an ego check, I disagree. We all know where to go if we want to help. And we all should help in some way. There’s no nation like donation…"

  6. i love your blog, great !

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