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Forgotten anniversary

August 31, 2005

We had a death in the family over the weekend so my 1st blog anniversary passed me by. It doesn’t have the same importance anymore given the weekend’s events. But I had lots of stuff planned.

Thinking over this weekend about my own mortality and the first thought that came into my head is how close I am to the age of death. I am now 30 years old. At most I have maybe another 4 or 5 decades. But I could look it at like I am half way through my life. Of course I could die in the next minute. But we never look at our own mortality like that.

Which then brings me onto my next question. I believe that this life is simply a transitional phase. There is a hereafter and that is the real life. So I can conclusively say that I have not lived my life as I should and what should I do to recompense to my maker? That is where I am stuck. I have my basic covenant of praying 5 times a day and fasting during Ramadan and giving alms. but what more. I need to learn and study more. I am doing this now. And will continue. I might meet my maker tomorrow.


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  1. Congrats for the blogiversary.

    I have written something on life inspired by your post.

  2. i cant understand……

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