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I hate myself

August 10, 2005

I went to Pizza Hut at Lunchtime. Buffet. 5.49 UK Pounds. I feel awful.

I feel bloated and horrible. There was nice pizza there and the Tomato Pasta was excellent. However, I think things went downhill when they stopped doing garlic bread at the buffet. Also I think the depression set in when I looked around and the majority of what I could see was chav.

My mate R, thinks that the Hut Rules and I am stupid for not thinking the same. All I can say R, is you drive a Ford Mondeo Chaviot.

But when I go to Desh this winter, I WILL GO TO PIZZA HUT! (Although I don’t really want to advertise multinational conglomerates.)


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  1. R may be Mondeo man but you’ve got to admit some of the modifications on the Pimpmobile do turn up on chavtastic "hot" hatches on a regular basis!

    Anyhoo it wuz probably the west staines massive wot you saw, innit.

  2. I went a number of times to Pizza Hut in Dhaka and at night all the time. The food is good and the environment is really wonderful. They have a kids zone which attracts a lot of families with children and you will love the chirpy background noise. I have seen many Westerners also dining there. I have heard that the hut have young visitors during the day and serves subsidized lunch pack for the office goers. The price is reasonable if you consider the quality. There are more expensive Pizza parlors in Bangladesh selling crap.

  3. Oh c’mon! It’s not as depressing as sitting in a Greyhound Bus Station finishing your lunch when someone came to you and asked if they could have your french-fries…

  4. You know Nazzina, it’s good to know that you are still fulfilling your charitable duties. 😉

    Rezwan, I’m curious, did you take Rianna to PH? We have taken Ruqaiiya here in the UK and high chairs are always available. Is that the case in Dhaka?

  5. i think it is better if you can write more.

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