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July 31, 2005

I started clearing out one of our bookshelves today and came across a little booklet called ‘Our Message’ by Hasan Al-Banna, founder of Ikhwan Al Muslimun, (The Muslim Brotherhood).

Just giving it a cursory glance I came across a heading called patriotism, and it struck me as so true:

The Limits of Our Patriotism

The bone of contention between us and them is that while we define patriotism according to the creed of Islam, they define it according to territorial borders and geographical boundaries. For every region in which there is a Muslim saying: ‘There is no god but Allah, and Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.’, is our homeland, inviolable and sacred, demanding love, sincerity, and sincere effort for the sake of its welfare. All Muslims in these geographical regions are our people and brethren: we are concerned about them, and share their feelings and sensitivities. Advocates of patriotism alone are not like this, since all that concerns them lies within a specific and narrowly defined region of the earth. This obvious difference is manifested whenever any nation desires to expand itself at the expense of others, for we would not approve of this at the expense of any Muslim nation. We only seek power so that we may all share it. But the advocators of fanatical patriotism see problem in this; and as a result, bonds of amicable relationship are snapped, power is dispersed, and the enemy strikes out by pushing each one against the other

The Goal of Our Patriotism

This is one factor. The second is that those who are only patriots and nothing else seek for the most part to free their own country, and then afterwards to build up its strength materially, just as Europe is doing today. We, on the other hand, believe that the Muslim is duty bound to give up his life, his blood, and his wealth to carry out this trust, namely, to guide mankind by the light of Islam and to lift its banner high above the regions of the earth, without desiring thereby wealth, rank, or power over anyone, nor the enslavement of any nation. One should desire only Allah’s Face and the world’s happiness through His religion and the raising of His word. This is what spurred on the pious predecessors (Allah’s grace be upon them!) to those saintly victories which astounded the world and went beyond anything history had known in all it’s swiftness, justice, nobility, and virtue.”

You can read the whole chapter here.



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  1. Hello. I was reading your blog and I liked Your expressed thoughts what impressed me. It would be interesting to talk to you, I also have some questions about islam I’m interested in very much. If you don’t mind we could chat or so. Let me know your opinion.
    God bless! Be safe.

  2. i love your blog, great !

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