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Big Storm

June 29, 2005

So London got hit by an awesome storm last night. It really was something out of the movies. It’s amazing how something can be awe inspiring and frightening at the same time. (click for biggie).



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  1. The picture is simply stunning. The lightening and the reflection of the street light almost make up a face.

  2. Thanks! What’s strange about the reflection of the light is that this was taken outside and not through a window. So I understand the reflection to the left, but can’t explain the one in the sky. Unless it’s a UFO! 😉

  3. It’s a refracted reflection inside the lens 😉 like what you get if the sun is in a picture.

  4. You know G. I sat down in the office with J and she says it probably is the same. However, it’s a little weird and I still like my UFO theory. Think of it as a large Weather Machine which wreaks havoc prior to an invasion. War of the Worlds anyone?

  5. ‘Tis the season to change templates…fa la la la la…. lol! Looking good:)

  6. Seems like the martians are coming (courtesy of war of the world-h.g wells)….board up your houses..arm yourselves with shotguns and 4 barreled RPG’s cuz its gonna be a hellavu fight….or we can just sit down and watch a pirated dvd of the whole simulation…and that reflection there…its a "lens-gyration" spectacle..when your aperture stays open for too long and the central cross-hair is a little out of target…and there are some shakes involved..such stuff can happen. 😉

  7. Thanks Someguy. You have to excuse the shakes, I had the Mrs shouting at me for standing out in the rain!

  8. your blog is very nice !

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