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Women and Island Loving

May 24, 2005

So I’m going to have a rant on 2 things today, esp as I’ve been suffering Blogger’s block:

Point number 1: Women talk about being treated well. Why is it only women who ask that? Why is it women assume that they are the only gender who can be hard done by? Why is it that a man never says to a woman, “Why don’t you treat me better?” I’ll tell you why, it’s because they simply think that men owe them something. Like what? I mean think about it, they have the best deal in the world! They have men begging to be with them, to shower them with all sorts, and then they have the cheek to turn around and say we treat them bad. Of course there are exceptions, but generally, men are nice to women. I think it’s time for the worm to turn. Men should demand that women be nice to them. (All this was inspired by on line in a song I was listening to on the way into work this morning.)

Onto Point Number 2 (and I’ve been thinking about this over the weekend)

At what point are we going to draw the line?

So we have had a week of another reality show concept: basically we have a bunch of single individuals ‘stranded’ on a desert island. Nothing too interesting there you might say. Except if we look at the name of the show: Celebrity Love Island. The waters become slightly more clearer now. So these single people are on this island to find love? Or should I say “Luurve”? Basically they are on this island to gain or increase their notoriety. They want to indulge in the audience’s craving for matters sexual, while still giving it some semblance of ‘it’s ok, it’s on national television so it’s not porn’.

I’m pretty sure that Celebrity means that we celebrate a person and their achievements. So what exactly has Fran Cosgrove done. I mean what has he really done? I know he was a doorman once. Can someone fill me in?

Secondly, like why would we want to watch people who are more famous for notoriety as opposed to celebrity try to get it on with each other. What does it do for me? Tittilate? Call me a prude, but how can ITV think that I would waste what little brain power I have left on watching someone get it on with Rebecca Loos (she of footballer and  pig loving fame)


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  1. Point number 1: From a very recent news (on Canadian perspective)… Men are fools and women are cunning.

    Point number 2: Eww you brought out two nasty *items*. A reality show (once again it’s there for the losers who have nothing better to do but watch ’em) and Rebecca Loos. The later one is too degrading for me to even discuss about and the so called famous men relating to her gossips! lol

  2. The link on the articles didnt work for me. And Shappir you all gotta make up for the millenium of partial/poor treatment!

  3. i think it is better if you can write more.

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