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The Fun Guys Strike again

April 19, 2005

So there were the MCB sitting there about to deliver to the press what they consider to be the key election issues for muslims in Britain today.

And suddenly the doors of London Central Mosque’s library are flung open and some shouty people storm in.

The Saviour Sect say they had nothing to do with it, although the persons attending were, according to the BBC, former member of Al-Muhajiroun, or according to the Guardian, they are the Saviour Sect.

According to the ‘Saviour Sect’, there are no Mosques in Britain, anyone who votes (or I assume has voted in the past) is of the kuffar. Shabina Begum caused a disservice to Islam by going to the courts to fight her battle to wear the jilbab. The disservice being that by going to the courts she accepted their authority.

One thing I find curious, is that by standing outside mosques and handing out pamphlets after praying Juma in those same mosques, they are willing to condemn their Muslim brothers as Apostates and Kaffirs. I’m pretty sure that can’t be a good thing, in that this is not the way to bring people into or even back into the fold of Islam.

“When a person calls his brother (in Islam) a disbeliever, one of them will certainly deserve the title. If the one who was called Kaafir is so, as the one who made Takfeer upon him asserted, the disbelief (of that person) is confirmed, but if it is untrue, then it will revert to him.” (Saheeh Muslim, Book of Eemaan, chapter 26 hadeeth #60)

As the writer of this article on their website states,

“If we look to this hadeeth properly, we can see that the messenger Muhammad (saw) condemned and dispraised takfeer of hawa (calling a person kaafir out of personal desire). But he (saw) affirmed that if the takfeer was valid upon that person, then the kufr of the one who was declared Kaafir is confirmed. In other words, if your takfeer upon an individual is correct, then he will deserve that title. But if the takfeer was wrong, the takfeer would revert back to the one who made takfeer in the first place. So the hadeeth does not condemn takfeer all together, rather it is a warning and indication that when you make takfeer make sure that you are right (and that it is based upon divine evidence) or the takfeer will come back to you!”

So at what point did they confirm that everyone involved with the Muslim Council of Britain, Mosque committee members across the UK and any UK muslim who votes to express their opinion is a Kafir?

What I think that all parties fail to realise is that by dividing the ummah, however disparate its opinions, we are effectively fulfilling the desires of the Kuffar. Divide and Conquer.



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  1. Asalaamu Alaikum

    I read many material from thier site ( and it seems to be backed up from the Quran and Sunnah.

    With regards to voting, if u vote you are doing so for democracy- man made laws, which has no place in shariah.

    I wouldn’t say that MCB are kaffir, but they do not represent the Muslim community in Britian. They are a stuck up the british gvmnts arse! They say that it is ok to fight in the army, it is ok to vote… and many other thing that are against islam

    As for the state of the Ummah, we are all to blame – we seem to fear the Kuffar more than we fear Allah.

    May Allah strenghthen the Muslim Ummah and unite us as one.


  2. Salam Outlaw,

    I agree that you are working for man made laws by voting. However we need to take a different approach. Think about where we are as an Ummah today. Pretty much nowhere. The West is the dominant civilization. Surely if we are to break a citadel would have thought the best approach would be to infiltrate and tear it down from the inside. That to my mind is what should eb driving the Ummah. Learn, understand the system you are trying to break, and then find its wekanesses from within. At the moment we are simply hurling stones against the castle and having catapults fire flaming rockas back at us.

    Just my thoughts.

  3. can i make friend with you??

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