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Love not Money

April 9, 2005

Love nor money?

Or should I say Love not money. I learnt a very important lesson today.

So the Mrs is annoyed me with because I fell asleep in the middle of a conversation with her yesterday. And then as the baby was ready to go to her weekly Parent’s and Toddlers meeting she realised the pushchair was in the boot of my car. 30 miles away from home!!

So I get an angry phone call and I know I am in serious trouble. I spend the day trying to figure out what to do…and the usual gamut of ideas pops into my head….

“Buy a little present on the way home”

“Buy a box of chocolates”

“Buy something as I’m desperate!”

But getting stuck in traffic I didnt get a chance to get anything. So I walk in the front door in fear of what I have done and the hellfire that will be wrought on me….

Only to be greeted by a hug from the wife with a simple I love you. It was at that moment that I realised that no tangible gift in the world would have brought that reaction from her. The only thing to evoke such a response is love.


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  1. Darn! And here I was thinking you‘re getting a bit more responsible now…

  2. What more d‘ya expect from your lovely wife! Love makes the world go around. The fact that I get reminded of responsibility frequently too, I guess I have to break this news to her. 😉

  3. Oh believe me…I get reminded of responsibility often enough..but sometimes its good to get the rewards.

  4. Funn you mention that. Yesterday, I was thinking what sort of a gift would I like from my s.o. that would make me incredibly happy (I was watching Sex and the City where Carrie was getting all these gifts from her rick artist lover). And I honestly couldn‘t think of a single thing. Ok, so I did think of a couple of things but dismissed them quickly because I couldn‘t think of anything more than quality time with him that would make me incredibly happy. This unfortunately makes me a horrible person to get gifts for. I always have to pretend I love it, when usually gifts just make me sad that I have all these things that I dont really want but someone else would‘ve be so happy to get 😦

  5. I‘m a little more materialistic than you Nashat…but I do know what I like. I hate getting stuff I don‘t want…esp clothes…but love gadgets…If anyone is reading this..I want an iRiver.

  6. Oh I would love an iPod or iRiver. Actually an iPod, but I want to buy it myself I think. I like thoughtful gifts though, like my friend gave me this lovely scrapbook because I mentioned I wanted to make a scrapbook for my year in London. And today I got my friend who‘s a development freak (like me!) the new Jeffrey Sachs book signed by him – that‘s the sort of gift I would love, and I hope she does as well.

  7. can i make friend with you??

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