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Spring's Springing

April 4, 2005

Well after what I can say was a glorious weekend (weatherwise)…I can say that Spring has now officially sprung in our garden



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  1. Are the flowers from your garden? I returned this weekend. It was a good weekend to return, it was great to see grreeeeeen on the way back from the airport.

  2. It‘s been hot over here (11 to 15 C), and I can see a bit of green as well. But I really don‘t trust Canadian April. Last time I went to downtown wearing a sweatshirt in April, I was almost freezing to death… then this guy had to ask me if I need his jacket! So I carry two sweaters in my bag now… just in case!

  3. Btw, I don‘t remember seeing the whitish flowers before… Are these new?

  4. Les Fleurs are from the garden. White Daffodils are a hybrid but pretty common. I don‘t think they were there when you came, but you did come in the Summer and they go by then…only to be replaced all sorts of other wonderful flowers.

  5. I take flower photos but I hardly know which one is which. Guess I should start reading flower books from now on! The flowers look great btw. Nanu must be pleased 😉

  6. The weather was not good in Dhaka. We had some thunderstorms and some heavy drizzles to sooth the extremely warm days. And eachtime there was a thunderstorm, I remembered the mango tree in my Aunt-in-law\‘s house, which is full of fresh mangoes. You know nobody complains when you pick mangoes fallen by a storm. I dreamt to be there eachtime but woke up with reality that I should not act like a teen in my in-laws place. Sometime you realy hate growing up.

  7. I always act like a teen in my in-laws…Elephant Road knows when I‘m in town! 😉 But let‘s not talk about Mangoes, I want some Aam Shotto now.

  8. Hmm… each little mango over here costs a $… how freaking is that?!

  9. What a coincidence… my in Laws place I talked about is in Elephant Road too! And the mango tree is almost stripped of mangoes by the recent storms. 😦

  10. Weird! Not many houses in Elephant Road have mango trees…you must be in one of the ones near Mollika. As are mine.

  11. You‘re spot on.. only the lane is near Bata‘r Mor.

  12. i love your blog, will keep looking you blog every day.

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