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March 23, 2005

So why is it that kids nowadays are more disruptive than previous generations. Lets look at 2 distinct examples:

Private Johnson Beharry. Awarded the highest Military honour in the UK for over 20 years. A hero in every sense of the word. But modest in accepting his

Marcus Ellis, Michael Gregory, Nathan Martin, and Rodrigo Simms.

All 5 are young black men. But you know what? Its not a black issue. Its not a skin colour issue at all.
Its about the basics: Values, Discipline, and most importantly, Respect.

Respect is something which is inherent in human beings. Everyone wants it. Everyone can give it. But people will have different ideas on how it all works.

I have been through 8 schools up until University, so I can say that I have been through the system. Some were fee paying, some were State run. But ultimately one thing stands out to me. When the teacher spoke, we shut up.

But now that has changed. Think about 12 year olds raping their teachers.

When I went to Bangladesh at the age of 9 and returned to the UK at 11, I learnt one thing, that respect for your elders is a given, unsurmountable truth. In Bengali, amongst other languages, you have 2 terms for the word ‘You’. So you can apply one to those you are close to, and the other who deserve a little more respect. So with friends it would be one, and with teachers it would be another, more respectful term. And that is something which is missing from the English Language.

But again, it is not semantics. Children need to understand that with all the human rights which they will willingly spout at any teacher, comes responsibilities. Not just to themselves, but to society as a whole and the fact that that child will play a crucial part of society in the future is not emphasises enough by today’s parents.


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