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Ban the Puff

March 14, 2005

So Desh decides to ban smoking in public. I think this is incredibly progressive. But what does it really mean? I guess that as 50% of men in Bangladesh have some sort of tobacco related addiction, this is a good thing. But does it mean that people will turn to Paan? Why Paan? What what do we think that ‘Shada’ is? Dried leaf tobacco is what it is. I don’t see a ban on that stuff which means that people will still be suffering from tobacco related diseases. The likes of Oral cancer, throat cancer and so on, may become a bit more prevalent than Emphysema and Lung Cancer.

But what I found astounding is that Desh, as an example of the Parliamentary Democratic system is able to pass such pregressive legislation, but when it comes to the basics of ensuring that a democracy ensues is not adhered to. Without a credible opposition in Parliament to oppose the Government, then parliament is a farce. And the use of other means of protest do not preclude the elected politicians from conducting their duty.

Of course, if the UNDP say something, we would never ignore it. Maybe it’s time for the Politicians to be hit hard where it hurts, in the ballot box. The AL want an election soon, so maybe the real voters should hit the streets and show where their allegiances lie. I don’t know what is happening with Bikalpa Dhara Bangladesh, but maybe a 3 party system is now needed.


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  1. At least the number of passive smokers will be low now.

  2. True, but I‘ve never really been subject to passive smoking unless it‘s been at my parents‘ friends‘ or my friends‘ place in Dhaka. Harmful emissions are the main risk to our health in terms of air pollution. Air pollution has decreased with the introduction of CNG-run vehicles but still everytime I breathe in I can smell and almost taste the rancid gases in the air.

    It is a great ban but will this just give our law enforcer abother means of collecting bribes? We will have to wait and see. Last night I couldn‘t sleep so I was thinking about the Desh. If I could have it my way there would be a crack down on bureacratic rent-seeking (euphemism from corruption) an overnight shift in reforms. Heavy fines for breaking the law in any way shape or form. Ofcourse realististically if I had the power to do that, I would probably be accidentally found dead the next day – but it would‘ve been worth a shot. Wouldn‘t it?

    It is times like this when understand why Brain from ‘Pinky and the Brain‘ wants to take over the world. Muhahahaha (evil laughter)

  3. lol Nashat! I hear ya;) But yeah…when u think about it….a country where there are no traffic laws (officially after 11pm, unofficially all the time!), where the police is so corrupt that you need to create new groups of law enforcing bodies (RAB), then they get corrupt and u create a newer one….and then they get corrupt…and u create another one…and this goes on till eternity… I really dont think the ban on smoking in public places is logical at all! Maybe for a few days it will be enforced and everyone will be all excited about it…but eventually…things will be the same. Just the like CNG case…apparently theres less pollution….but I really dont feel the difference. But the most ironic part is that people like us…so annoyed with the whole Desh system…wanting to change things, but not really doing anything about it! I just want to see new faces in the govt…not that it will make a big huge difference…but u never know…it might.

  4. your blog is very nice !

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