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March 4, 2005

Well look at this. After the fun a couple of weeks ago with the Evening Standard and the Jewish community, it seems that the Old Red Ken has put his foot in it again….


Is this some clever electioneering on the part of the Labour party? Lets think about this. Livingstone is now back in the fold of the Labour Party. The 2001 census showed the following breakdown in the population of the UK (bear in mind that 7.7% of the people surveyed chose not to answer the question on religion):

Total UK Population:   60,441,457
Total UK Muslim Population:  1,588,890
Total UK Jewish Population:  267,373

So in order to secure the Muslim vote, we have a Labour backed London Mayor who is apparently echoing sentiments expressed in some sections of the Muslim populace. Of course, Ken has always done this, but it just happens to be occuring at an interesting time. Sinister methinks.


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  1. i agree with you!

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