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Abuse – Part 3

March 2, 2005

So I should expect to be stopped and searched more often. To be honest, I have never been stopped and searched. But then I can see it happening to people. I suppose the same happened to the Irish in London during the 70s, 80s and 90s.

UPDATE: Well you know what..? I’d like to see how they spot a muslim? I’m pretty sure that terrorists are all jubba wearing, beard toting, tasbih carriers. Oh and you can tell them from the colour of their skin can’t you….? Or maybe we should all be wearing a badge. I’m sure that has never been done before. How about a yellow star?


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  1. someone actually said it, i cant remember who but muslims are the new irish. Governments love to put a bit of fear into the people-helps them maintain a level of control.

  2. It‘s all to do with creating a climate of fear… you can just bet, come the election, that Bliar and his friends will be saying "well the world is a dangerous place, because we‘ve told you it is… but nothing has happened to you, so we‘re great. Vote for us".

    It‘s only through creating this climate of fear that they can get away with undoing the Magna Carta, imposing ID cards which contain way more information than is appropriate and make people "accept" that human rights aren‘t actually rights.

  3. Totally unrelated to the post. I just noticed you added me to ‘places to visit‘, when did you do that? Thanks 🙂

  4. No Worries. I\‘m trying to be very selective, and I like your writing style and content. So rekindle that relationship with your blog again…we all want to see you writing more.

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