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Abuse – Part 2

February 28, 2005

We can all of course look at the term Abuse in the light of the current geo-political situation. I am thinking orange boiler suits, cages, torture (coercion, ‘softening up’ and all it’s other euphemisms), video pleas, electrodes, dogs baring teeth and the list goes on. But beyond this is the genocide executed by the ‘righteous’.

My question is at what point will ‘legal’ genocide be called war? When does that transition happen? Why is it that the 20th century, with hindsight, is probably the bloodiest in history? And what have we learnt from it? Has technological innovations freed us from the shackles of ignorance or allowed us to perpetuate these mis-beliefs that we are the best and no one has the right to judge us. We know what’s best for the world.

I see that in the current UK government. I see the attitude that ‘we are the best’ and neither the populace nor the upholders of the law, the judiciary, know really what’s right for the country. The Government seemingly believes that by telling us we are in trouble, we will believe we are in trouble. By upholding the freedom of speech and liberties which we have fought for, we are protecting it. Of course to continue preserve these ‘Universal Rights’ we must take a few of them away..(Articles 5, 7, 9, 10, 11 and so on).

I think about Myanmar and the states of Shan and Karen. I think about the ubiquitous Palestinian-Israeli issue. And of course what is being done in the name of my fellow citizens by this government. The desire to rush through this new legislation which is purported to be necessary to uphold the birthplace of democracy. Of course, that democracy goes out of the window in order maintain democracy. I foresee the use of the Parliament Act again to push through this bill. Of course the great and good of this land will believe it is the right thing to do as the UK’s Biggest Selling ‘News’paper will tell us to do so. In fact so does The Times, so its gotta be the only thing to do!

Finally, I want to say that this headline is just a little misleading if you read the whole article. Muslim Leaders are NOT shocked by the Police’s success. At the end of the day it is their taxes which helped this guy to be comvicted. Of course, that is assuming that muslims DO pay taxes and aren’t just a bunch of sponging asylum seekers who are claiming benefit and working illegally. And of course making their 15 children work as well until they can be married off at 12 like ‘all good muslim children’.


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  1. That‘s the thing about the world today, it was this Government which legislated the Human Rights Act 1998. Giving the people of Britain those fundamental rights, rights which are inherently ours just by being humans. Suddenly someone shouts ‘emergency which is a threat to the life of a nation‘ and a bar falls down crushing these rights.

    The fundamental question is where do we draw the line between national security and human rights?

  2. how can you make so nice blog !

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