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First bit of snow – 2005

February 22, 2005

It’s winter’s final fling with the British Isles (I hope). It snowed properly last night. For London, that is some major achievement. And it seems like we didnt have the disaster of a couple of years ago. I remember that day because it took me 5 hours to do a 45 minute journey to Heathrow from my house.

But this year so far we have been let off lightly. The spattering outside my house was reasonable…but I would have liked some proper stuff. Of course I wouldn’t want it to last like it does in places like Canada.

Roll on Summer!!!


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  1. no! you definitely dont want it to last like canada! we had fresh snow (about 8 ins) on feb 20 and then yesterday it was so warm that it almost melted and every corner of the street is dirty… and i had the nerve to wear a dress-pants! duh! it\\‘s getting colder today though…

  2. Faaz permalink

    my mate is in canada, she loves the snow. Yeah I remember about 2 years ago when it snowed, its like London stopped!! hehe.

  3. Well it seems like we‘re not gonna have those snowball fights…the snow just wont settle! 😦

  4. i cant understand……

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