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Another one almost done…

December 23, 2004

So we are almost through another year. How has it been for you? Me? Well my year was amazing. A year which started off poorly with a little depression as I had been very close to ‘shuffling off this mortal coil’ with illness, and I was fed up with work. Which got better as Spring progressed and my wife’s belly got bigger. The scans came along and I first saw my daughter. She was sucking her little thumb. Then came the scares, ‘I can’t feel the baby!’. A quick drive to the hospital to spend a couple of hours hooked upto a monitor. Everything was fine. Then as Summer approached, came the wait. 2 Weeks late…we go into hospital to be induced. And we spend the whole day waiting. Till 4pm…and we get the first contraction. After several hours on a swiss ball and experiments with Laughing gas, 11pm saw my daughter drawing her first breath in this world. The last six months have been a rollercoaster of happiness and trepidation. I finally think I may be understanding this being a dad thing. But of course, most people would say “You never learn how to be a dad, no one does.”

Happy Holidays and a prosperous 2005 to you all.


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  1. awww….can u believe it‘s nearly 2005?! the year went by, so much happened. so now we begin 2005- hope it goes better than this year!! hey…ur blogs are really interesting u kno!

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