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December 6, 2004

Well my family and I went to the Islamic Society of Britain’s Eid Extravaganza last night. Very entertaining evening listening to the likes of Irfan Makki, Abid Baig and Dawud Wharnsby-Ali (teen idol? More on that in a bit).

The comedian Preacher Moss was funny, especially when he encouraged brothers to embark of the journey of discovery which is marriage, so you can discover what is wrong with you. I’d like to check out more of this guy’s work…I’ve found a few places and will be researching a little more.

Dawud Wharnsby-Ali was good despite having an accompaniment from Ruqaiiya which meant I had to leave the hall. Afterwards, however I noticed that there were a bunch of girls, all in hijabs getting excited as they hung around the artists’ dressing rooms and acting like the typical teenagers who follow around rock stars. Its interesting to note that certain trends transcend faiths. Of course these girls were ushered away as it certainly is not islamic to be indulging in these fascinations…

Otherwise…a nice evening in an Islamic atmosphere with a few laughs here and there.




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  1. if u thought the girls were bad when it came to dawud wharnsby-ali, you should see the response to sami yusuf. last year when we were selling tickets for the concert, girls would give us letters that they would want us to hand to sami!!! it\‘s ridiculous.

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