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Blockage on my Bloggage

November 24, 2004

Bloggage is slow as I’m supposedly busy with work. Which I am but I certainly dont call it work. I, quite surprisingly, enjoy work and this I am not enjoying…but here’s a few thoughts…Israel believes it will become a pariah state soon…I suppose there are 2 ways of fixing it….either protect yourself  or reach out. I think on this occasion the former will have more effect.


Oh and at least some people are doing stuff to aid understanding


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  1. Nashat permalink

    I go to school in the US, came down to London for a year this October. A few friends and I are going down to Brighton for the day on Sunday. What\‘s there to see?
    You painted a pretty sad picture so far.

  2. Shapps permalink

    ok….to be fair Brighton is cool. It has some very cool guest houses/hotels..check out

    But you have to have a plan. There are lots of clubs and stuff if thats what you‘re into..and lots of restaurants and stuff. And of course there‘s the beach..which is pebbles. And the Royal Pavilion which is cool. Oh of course the Pier. The bleak picture I paint is simply because I hate working there and not chilling.

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