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October 26, 2004

I haven’t blogged in a while. But that is entirely work related. Well almost. Saturday was weird as I slept with little Ruqaiiya all day as her mum went about doing the housework. And then in the evening, suitably refreshed, we all went to my cousin’s for Iftar. Which was fun.

Sunday, well that was a Sunday. Went to the office and almost got pressganged into playing Sleepy in the office pantomime. Hmmm, have they heard about my sleeping exploits I wonder. Then it was a trip to Tesco’s where I was almost embarrassed to not have any cash or plastic on me. Luckily I had my emergency Amex card.

Bought a kettle. Quite good. It boils fast. But it does say RapidBoil on the side, so I should hope so.

Monday I am back in Brighton. Its stormy as hell and well we can truly say that Winter is on its way.

We have several ‘quiet news days’ in the UK. 49 Iraqi soldiers getting killed in an ambush as they left their training camp, having successfully finished their basic training course. I find it interesting that as they are now fully qualified soldiers, they did not have any weapons with them. Clinton has joined Kerry’s side in support of his Election Campaign. 1 Week left before we will know. Or most likely we will not know because of all the legal wrangling which will happen. ‘Pollsters’ predict a dead heat. So Electoral college votes should win it for Bush. What I don’t understand is why not simply have a national popular vote as opposed to artificially representing the population and allowing larger states to decide the fate of the nation. Federal elections should be decided by the nation as a whole and not on a state by state level.

I am bored.


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  1. why are you going to brighton a lot? well, it\‘s not really a bad city though…

  2. shapps permalink

    Work in Brighton at the moment. Not really dislike the city. Its nice. But not when its stormy. And I miss the family.

  3. i cant understand……

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