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War in Iraq, War on Terror

October 7, 2004

Has anything changed? No WMDs in Iraq says the Iraq Survey Group. Did the Politicians lie?

We’ve always been cynical in the UK. It is in our national psyche. We know politicians will bend the truth for their aims. But with this information now, can we ever trust the word of Mr Blair? I admit I voted for him in the last two elections. Do I regret this? Not really. But I regret that he has been given the opportunity to lie and execute military action. He has put the lives of our soldiers on the line over an ego trip. As he said at his party’s conference, he ‘could apologise’. Probably won’t though.

Also, Mr O. Bin Laden is probably going to be wheeled out in the next few weeks. Visions of Hannibal Lecter, i.e. straitjacket, mask etc etc. Why do I get this feeling? Its what would guarantee a definite victory for President Bush, without resorting to the Supreme Court.


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