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Being a Dad

October 6, 2004
I kinda miss the days when I could just lie in bed and not worry. Seemingly the world I have helped bring my daughter into is not as perfect as it could be. She’s lying here asleep and I can’t help but wonder how she will cope without either ‘Frin or myself here. I guess this is typical for a dad. But I can’t stop the thoughts…

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  1. Rezwan permalink

    Being a dad is a new experience for me. When you are living in Bangladesh, where you are not sure about your own security in the deteriorating law and order context, you just can‘t stop worrying about your offspring. However when my wife conceived I felt guilty that I am adding another person in this country overburdened with population. And at the same time I felt the obligation that I should bring the kid up in a manner that she will be able to add some value to the country rather than only being a burden.

  2. Shapps permalink

    True. Very true. But sometimes the fear of failing as a parent is what keeps me awake. The only thing is to pray that we do our best and then leave everything else to the Almighty.

    On the subject of the overburdened country, I think a change will come soon and well before your daughter grows up. Its just a matter of when.

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